About Us is on a mission to help organisations discover their own greatness. We exist to help make the lives of Founders and Leaders easier.

Our mantra is: great ideas already exist in every workplace. Our job is to bring them to the surface. By creating simple shifts in the way you lead, hire, develop processes and talent, those great ideas will naturally rise to the surface.

We understand the common, key drivers of all businesses. Using our simple and effective methodology, your organisation will prosper by focusing on the three most important strategic areas, I.e. Innovation, Culture and Leadership

No matter what market you're in, we can help you dominate.

Using our unique guided discovery system, we can tap into your company's full potential and guarantee growth.
We make sure every ounce of potential is realised without any more effort.
Meet the Team
Khuram Malik
CEO & Founder
Khuram is our Chief Strategist and Founder. Between 2013 and 2015 he has worked with over 150 Founders and Business Leaders around the globe helping them raise investment, improve their sales and marketing, hire great talent and develop amazing customer experiences.

Khuram loves game-changing start-ups,  pretty data visuals and good writing.

He is also the author of Billion Dollar Muslim; a calling to people of his community to embrace and adopt entrepreneurship wholesale.
Waqas Khan
Investor Network
Waqas is our main lead for the global investor network. He has been the primary driver in forging partnerships with over 50 ecosystems in various categories worldwide.

Waqas has a great belief in disruptive entrepreneurship.

He is passionate about the intersection of technology driven innovation to connect people, societies, enterprises and founders to each other globally to create a collaborative world for the next generation.
Natalie O'Dell
Marketing Co-ordinator
Natalie is our Marketing Co-ordinator. She is a senior at Barnard College of Columbia University majoring in Economics, and has experience in research and web content.

Natalie digs into problems and develops creative and innovative solutions. She enjoys collaborating with a diverse team that comes from a variety of experiences and backgrounds.

Outside of work and school, she enjoys playing water polo and traveling with friends and family to experience new cultures.
your business co-pilot
Work with a team that has grit like you've never seen before focusing on strategies and guidance that will help you reach for the stars.

Our products are designed to be fully project managed and are full, lifecycle solutions. We take an integrated approach to strategically developing your organisation.
What Really Drives Us
In a day and age where Apple is almost a trillion dollar company, and Pokemon Go reached critical mass in less than a month, why can't your organisation be a “big player” too?

We want to work with the finest business leaders that are thinking this way.
What really drives us is eking out every ounce of potential that presents itself. We’ve helped a lot of companies get to where they want to be— we know what the kinks are, we know what the pitfalls are, we know what to look for and we know how to tap into that potential. 
Our framework is our magic ingredient.

All you have to do is, be open to doing things differently. We'll take care of the rest.
What does the .io stand for?
The IO stands for Input-Output. You, as a client, input your domain expertise, your resources, your experience and your insight. We work with that to help you output a strategy and results.