About Us

Stratagem.io exists to help make the lives of Founders and Leaders easier. No matter what the current market climate, business is often challenging. We've discovered a simple —  but unique and effective way  — to make the life of any business or organisation leader easy while making sure their business prospers. We help founders and leaders of start-ups, established businesses and non-profits.

Our system is based on a framework that consists of eight pillars. These form the eight fundamental areas a business or organisation needs to adopt and refine to guarantee growth. In turn, this also means you can be home by 5pm each day, safe in the knowledge that business is doing better than this time last year.

Our method for ensuring success for each company we work with is based on an extensive use of Blueprints. Our main job is to help you “think” through strategising and action planning. As running a business becomes more complex and more demanding, having someone to help you work through the challenges and then implement the solutions can make all the difference.

Please see our on-demand webinar to learn more about our 8 pillar framework for creating a game-changing organisation and turning your business into a Number One Player.
Meet the Team
Khuram Malik
CEO & Founder
Khuram is our Chief Strategist and Founder. Between 2013 and 2015 he has worked with over 150 Founders and Business Leaders around the globe helping them raise investment, improve their sales and marketing, hire great talent and develop amazing customer experiences.

Khuram loves game-changing start-ups,  pretty data visuals and good writing.

He is also the author of Billion Dollar Muslim; a calling to people of his community to embrace and adopt entrepreneurship wholesale.
Ramiz Ali
Business Insights
Ramiz is our Business Insights specialist. His background is in systems thinking and data analysis through which he has helped large banks derive crucial insights from their data.

Ramiz has a trained eye that can spot deep patterns and insights and understand how they fit into the bigger picture.

In his spare time, Ramiz enjoys reading, with a huge interest in spirituality. He's also a total coffee-nut and loves the experience of a fine coffee shop.
Seema Dhawan
Media Strategist
Seema is a journalist and media specialist who has helped clients develop and execute media strategies, get noticed by media outlet editors and reach bigger audiences.

Seema has a keen eye for crafting engaging story ideas and finding non-traditional ways of networking, to help improve brand outreach.

Seema is also a travel enthusiast, and has written many pieces about her finds for publications across North America.
your business co-pilot
Consider the parable: If you jump into a car and don't take the time to think and plan in advance about how you're going to get to your destination, ultimately — while you may get there eventually — it's going to take much longer and cause more grief than you wanted or anticipated.

But let's say you do plan your route in advance. What if someone came along and said there was a much faster, much easier way of getting there? One that costs you less in fuel, took less time and had a more scenic route with little to no traffic? Doesn't that sound ideal?

That's Stratagem.io.

We may not necessarily have been to the destination you want to get to, but we've most certainly been on very similar journeys. We know the ins and outs. We've helped others get to similar places and now we've created “maps” and “itineraries” for it.

After spending a bit of time talking to — and getting to know —  you, we can put a map and itinerary together, just for you. You just have to promise to use it.

These “maps” we provide, i.e. Blueprints, get you to your destination faster and with less grief. Once we've put the Blueprint together for you, we then jump into the car with you and become your co-pilot. We won't drive the car for you, but we will do what we can to get you past each milestone.  At each checkpoint and juncture when you tell us that customs won't accept your passport, or that there's too much traffic on the road, we'll be there to help you figure it out.
What Really Drives Us
In a day and age where Apple is almost a trillion dollar company, and Pokemon Go reached critical mass in less than a month, why can't your organisation be a “big player” too?

What really drives us is eking out every ounce of potential that presents itself. There’s a lot of businesses out there doing half a million or a million a year that are actually capable of 10 million, 15 million or 20 million. They just don't know it.
There’s a two-man startup in some bedroom somewhere right now that may not realize they have the potential to be as big as Apple, Amazon or Facebook within the next couple of years. We’re not talking about going to the moon, we’re talking about going to Mars.
We’ve helped a lot of companies get to where they want to be— we know what the kinks are, we know what the pitfalls are, we know what to look for and we know how tap into that potential. In fact, we have a dedicated framework for it. It’s our magic ingredient. All you have to do is, is be open to doing things differently. We'll take care of the rest.
What does the .io stand for?
The IO stands for Input-Output. You, as a client, input your domain expertise, your resources, your experience and your insight. We work with that to help you output a strategy and results.